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Welcome to the Family

Just to introduce ourselves. Basically, we have the two of us. Guy and Julie-Ann. 

After working on and sailing other people's ships and boats for several decades. We decided to embark on our 'refun' program (we don't like the term retired. What's the point in continually repeating getting tired? So we go with 'refun'. We are repeating having fun. We decided that it would be nice to take all that knowledge and experience and use it to enjoy ourselves. Then we thought. Surely it would be fun to share the fun.....

As a couple, we are definitely 'Citizens of Planet Earth' having lived and worked in many parts of the world. This opens the doorway to the rainbow of cultures and wonderful differences we find in people around the world. But every day is still an adventure and we delight in finding new places, sites, events, and experiences and just love to share this with people.

Julie Ann is a very spiritual person and my personal 'White witch'. From a more grounded (Or left brain) perspective. She is a lady of many talents. She is also the CEO of Jupiter Eclipse and has loads of letters after her name such as PCC, ORSCC, NLP, DCF. 

Julie-Ann is a model for living a passionate and inspiring life. She specializes in Team Coaching and Leadership Development programs and is an expert at using rhythm as a tool for team-building and experiential learning. She is also one amazing grandmother. At least that is according to the grandchildren.

Julie-Ann received her personal and executive coaching training from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, California and is a proud graduate of their intensive Leadership program. She is recognised as a Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) with the International Coaching Federation, as well as being a professional Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Drum Circle Facilitator (DCF).

She is a dynamic facilitator, course designer and innovative leader in organizational and corporate culture change. On top of that, she is a wicked public speaker.

In support of this, I am a child of the oceans of the world. Having worked at, on or beside the sea for the major majority of my life. the sea, boats and the world abutting to it is my life and my passion. My work historically was deeply involved in offshore cartography, Seismographic's and generally mapping the seabed as well as flying ROVs (remote submarines) and even further back mini-subs as well as sailing the oceans. As a result, an extensive traveler and observer of our planet and its oceans and seas. In addition, I am a qualified mechanical and production engineer with a commercial Master of Yachts 200 ticket for both Sail and Power plus numerous training courses ranging from offshore sea survival and helicopter escape through to ISO9000 auditing as well as managerial and leadership training. Culminating in identifying my life's purpose. To introduce people to the key to freedom, independence, and adventure through the experience of learning to sail so that they can also continue their journey to self-awareness and peace and happiness.


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