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Best Times: May - September.

Below we have a suggested 7 & 14 day cruise just to get you started. Both routes are all encompassing one way route from Split in central Dalmatia and Dubrovnik in the south up along the coast to a final destination of Zadar in the northern half of Croatia. A leisurely distance of just over 230 nautical miles (426km). the 7 day proposal concludes in the spectacular Dubrovnik and covers around 150 nautical miles (278km). These are suggestions for you to consider. Ultimately it is up to you. We will design your adventure and fun to suit you.


Cruising Croatia Itinerary 1. (7 days)

Day 1:

Arrive Split, Trogir or Marina Kastela and settle on boat. Depending on flight timings a great opportunity for exploring the historic city of Trogir or evening cruise to Split or Trogir to overnight or visa versa depending on your choice of embarkation. Both cities are a great introduction to Croatia. (15NM if cruise selected)

Day 2:

Split(or Trogir or Marina Kastela) - Hvar - 25-28NM

Depending on your embarkation point a sail to Island of Hvar and the town of the same name. Hvar is claims to be the warmest and sunniest place in Croatia reportedly having 2,718 sunny hours per year. 
Inhabited since the Stone Age Hvar is rich with numerous cultural and historic monuments most prominent place is given to a municipal theatre building in Central Square. Built in 1612. theatre is one of the oldest in this part of Europe. Additionally for nightlife Hvar is really dynamic and great for nightlife and good eating.

Day 3:

Hvar - Vela Luka - 17NM

Vela Luka  on the western side of the island of Korcula it is a pleasant trip SE from Hvar. Strategically a very important city on the Dalmation coast. Vela Luka has been under the control of numerous masters through history including the Hellens, Romans, Venetians, the British, Russians and the Italians. Regularly referred to as the Adriatic Madeira this heavily wooded island is a wonderful destination. Lunch a visit to the cultural centre and soak up the atmosphere, or just relax.
Day 4:

Vela Luka - Lastovo (Zaklopatica) - 18NM

Lastovo and the protected bay of Zaklopatica further to the SE provides an idyllic stop. this small bay and surrounding coast line up there in the cute department and wonderful swimming opportunities. A military island up until 1992 a wonderful hideaway.
Day 5:

Lastovo (Zaklopatica) - Korčula - 21NM

Korcula old town is a spectacular walled city on the coast overlooking the sea way between Korcula and Orebic on the mainland. Marco Polo is rumored to have been born here. There is even a cocktail bar at the top of one of the towers, where the drinks arrive by a pulley outside the walls as the stairs are too steep! Korcula is also a haven for arts and crafts for those special sourvenirs and just an amazing place to explore.
Day 6:

Korčula - Mljet (Pomena) - 11NM

The small village of Pomena with its 50 permanent inhabitants is a natural safe haven. After the bustle of Korcula this is a great place to consider a 15 minute walk to the Malo Jezero (Small Lake) of Mljet National Park  if we arrive early you can take a trip to the Islet Melita where there is a 12 century former benedictine monastery on a small islet.

Day 7:

Mljet - Kobaš - 21NM
Your captain will start early while you sleep on the journey to Kobas in the Ston Channel is where you get to sample the wines and olive oil and dine with a great restaurant coupled with the  peace of a beautiful location, swim and relax further before you enter the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik after lunch
Day 7: Afternoon.

Kobaš - Dubrovnik - 18NM

An early start timed to coincide with us delivering you to your final port of destination. Dubrovnik. This is a spectacular finale to your odyssey through central and southern Dalmatia. Book your flight for the evening so that you can experience Dubrovnik. Highly recommended.

Cruising Croatia Itinerary 2. (14 days)

Day 1:

Arrive Dubrovnik and settle on boat. Depending on the flight timings either an evening cruise around the fortified city walls or an evening spent exploring the city. I would strongly recommend staying at least one evening as there is so much to see.

Day 2:

Dubrovnik to Celo on Kolocep or Lopud (nice beach) for lunch and then on to Sipanska Luka, a delightful little village with an old quay to moor against. Lovely walk for the morning up the hill to a church where you can see for miles around. (11 miles)

Day 3:

Island of Mljet, the island was once one of the biggest producers of Olive Oil in the Med, Odesseus was fabled to have been seduced here by nymphs in Homer’s “The Odessey”, but it had to be a novel because in real life, he would never have left! Swim and lunch at a little secluded bay that we know and then on to Polace, (literally “palace”) there are the ruins of a Roman palace there. We arrive along a long wooded inlet, and you could be forgiven for thinking that you were sailing up a Norwegian Fjord. At the end is a protected bay with restaurants, you simply moor up at the one that looks the nicest. We like “Ojija”, the service is friendly and they do excellent fresh lobster with Spaghetti. (21 miles)

Day 4:

Sail to the fortified medieval town of Korcula (pronounced KorCHoola), a town to explore. Marco Polo was born here and there is even a cocktail bar at the top of one of the towers, where the drinks arrive by a pulley outside the walls as the stairs are too steep! (15 miles)

Day 5:

Good sail to the deserted island of Lastovo. A military island until 1992, Lastovo was out of bounds to civilians and is completely undeveloped but spectacularly pretty. The anchorage is lovely and very protected. (19 miles)

Day 6:

A fairly long sail to the island of Vis. Studded with little coves and inlets, one is simply spoilt for choice as to where to stop for a dip. Evening in Komiza, where Tito hid from the Germans during WW2 and where there are two excellent restaurants serving fresh fish and local produce. (35 miles)

Day 7:

Short morning sail to the off-lying island of Bisevo, where a quick jump in the dinghy will reveal “the Blue Grotto”, an underwater cave that during the morning is lit from the sun, giving the water an amazing colour. From here, another cove for lunch before the evening stay at Vis town, a charming old town with some excellent restaurants and a “wine bar” where they serve nothing but wine from Vis. (10 miles)

Day 8:

From Vis we then sail to Hvar. Hvar town is overlooked by a large castle and has the oldest theatre in Croatia (circa 1200). This is where the beautiful people hang out. Enjoy a cocktail at the very chic “Carpe Diem” before strolling along the promenade to soak up the atmosphere of Croatia’s Cote D’Azur. (12 miles)

Day 9:

From the hustle and bustle of Hvar, we sail on to Brac, a large but mainly deserted Island for a night in a secluded cove under the stars. No street lights, no cars, no discos. Dinner on board, listening to the Cicadas. (14 mles)

Day 10:

Brac to Rogoznica. Lunch on the beautiful island of Solta, before a night of fun in Rogoznica. A five star marina, and a short dinghy ride to a good restaurant in the town itself, which is in fact an Island connected by a causeway. Then back for some dancing at the famous Pool Club where you can dance or swim, or both until the early hours! (17 miles)

Day 11:

Zirge or Zmajan. An antidote to Rogoznica, these islands are deserted and completely unspoiled. (13 miles)

Day 12:

A morning sail to Lavsa in the heart of the Kornati National Park. The park is breathtakingly beautiful, and there are many anchorages to choose from. Our favorite is in Luka Telascica, a sea lake which has to be seen. (28 miles)

Day 13:

From Luka Telascica we go through a narrow pass between the Island of Kornati and Dugi Otok (literally “Long Island”) before once again heading north to Bozava, a lovely village on the east side, after lunch and a swim, its a short hop to Veli Rat a lovely protected anchorage in the very north. (Don’t let the name put you off!) (20 miles)

Day 14:

Final sail to Zadar, an ancient port, from which there are ferries or busses and Sea Planes to Split. (16 miles)

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