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Well the start of the summer is nearly here.

Ok so I was a bit lumpy in the middle area.

Well I have to admit that i am not the best at these blog thingies. Especially when you look at the pitiful contributions that i have made over the past couple of years. That's not to say that nothing has been happening. It has been manic in the best way possible but making the time to sit down and write to you about the adventures and travels is just seeming to slip by me. However, as I sit in my study in our house overlooking the glorious Gulf of Suez, the temperature a balmy 25 degrees Centigrade it occurred to me that the time for working on houses was coming to an end and in a couple of weeks I will be moving back on board Miss Elle to get her ready for this summer. Lot going on this year too. After some refit work on the back deck from a slightly overenthusiastic guest and as a result of friends helping me replace the main house batteries last year towards the end of the summer some of Miss Elles lovely teak decking got a little dented, Well more precisely. Smashed up. Not a lot but enough. So first job it to lift the offending area and replace the damaged teak area. Also the aft lazaretto door has to come off and be stripped down and repainted ready for the year. Other than that usual generator and main engine servicing and taking her out of the water to give her bum a scrub. Then from mid-May we are getting her all spic and span for her first trip that is planned with some dear friends from Canada that visited us last year. They have decided to bring some of their friends along too so we are planning an exploration up north towards Pula via the fjords on the way to Skraden and various other delightful locations. Once we arrive in Pula there is a bit of a queue which is always nice. This time Tamer from Egypt is planning to join us with his family so the Grandchildren will be invading for their first visit to Miss Elle, During this time we will work our way south or north. depends on the wind. Eventually we will be back around the Split area and begin working our way south to Montenegro. That's about it at the moment but who knows where we will end up. if you would like to come aboard drop us a line and we can update you on our schedule.

But, for now I am in the middle of building a wooden staircase bannister in our house. We have completed the Kitchen and i have recently completed the massive butchers block work top that my dearly beloved has wanted for an age. So now, even if i do say so myself. It looks pretty spiffy.

Julie Ann is just out of hospital after having some surgery on her septum and is recovering well in Dubai. Dima our daughter has got her first full time job as a teacher after completing her degree and now is juggling completing her masters and teaching full time. A new experience but by all accounts she is loving it.

So where we end up at the end of the year, who knows! but thats all part of the fun.

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